24x7x365= Great Marketing

24x7x365= Great Marketing

When it comes to getting a company’s name in front of the “right” person every day for an entire year, leave it to the award-winning marketing team at Express Employment Professionals to find a way.


Calendars.Yep… You’ve done them and you’ve received them. Year after year, they continue to be one of the best-selling self-promotion items across the country, and do you know why?

Because they work!

Even in this high tech world of smart phones and electronic calendars that sync multiple devices, when someone walks into your office and asks, “How many weeks is it until the Johnson proposal is due?”, you instinctively look at the printed calendar that is on your desk or your wall… and so does the person who asked the question.

It’s ingrained in us from an early age to use a printed calendar, which makes it a great place to put your company’s logo.The smart marketers at Express, though, are taking it up a notch. Instead of just putting their name on the calendar, they are also putting the recipient’s name in the picture! The one in the photo above must be going to The Daily Planet.

Express worked with ROBYN to make this incredible marketing tool available to all 550+ franchises through their online company store. Salespeople at each franchise simply enter their customer’s names when placing the order on the website and ROBYN coordinates the custom printing and shipping of the calendars.

Imagine how “Surprised & Delighted” you would be to receive a calendar from one of your vendors, only to discover that your name was creatively inserted into each image! Yeah. That’s how the Express clients feel, too.

Smart Marketing. It works.

Pro Tip – Now is a great time to start thinking about calendars for 2013. Give us a shout. We can help!