5th Key to a Marketing Materials Program– Minimize Energy

5th Key to a Marketing Materials Program– Minimize Energy

We’ve shared several fantastic ways a branded merchandise program is good for your company. From Controlling Your Brand to Simplifying Corporate Apparel, Creating a Centralized Location to Controlling Purchasing… a company store just makes good sense. The bottom line, though, is that you and your team have jobs to do. And, while managing your marketing materials might be one of your responsibilities, this is not your focus. You have greater goals to achieve.

Whether you have a department of three or thirty, these are skilled professionals who were hired to make strategic decisions, employ savvy tactics and create sales for your company. The last thing you want them doing is tracking a package with 25 pens for a “lunch & learn” one of your reps is conducting in Dubuque or sifting through hundreds of shirts to find the right sizes for this event. That’s where the ROBYN Company Store Solution makes the most sense.

Instead of tasking your team to fulfill the request, your representative simply goes to the online company store, selects the products needed for the luncheon, checks out (with a P-card, purchase order, expense account or whatever fits your system best) and goes back to work. The ROBYN team takes it from there! Receiving the order, pulling the items from our warehouse (which removes them from the inventory system), hand-packing the items in such a way as to get the best shipping rates and making sure the order arrives on the right day.

From shipping and tracking even the most complex orders, the ROBYN customer service team is an extension of your marketing department. With years of experience working with clients, managing marketing programs and coordinating the accurate delivery of materials, ROBYN provides the type of care you want your team to have. And it pays off!

Minimize the opportunity cost of managing a branded materials program by hiring “the Marketer’s marketer” to manage it for you. You retain the control you need while enabling your team to do the jobs for which they were hired. This is smart marketing in the digital age.