A 3-Day Mardi Gras Celebration

A 3-Day Mardi Gras Celebration

Everything is bigger in Texas… Even Mardi Gras! Instead of celebrating just Fat Tuesday, Texas AirSystems holds a 3-day “Mardi Gras Fest” for their contractors, suppliers and engineers. The company opens the doors to the office and massive warehouse at their Dallas location for three days of product demonstrations, informal training and great networking.


“Mardi Gras is a good excuse to get everyone together,” says Janice Eischen, Marketing Manager of Temtrol. “Texas AirSystems does a great job of representing our brand and we like to support them in this event.” In addition to sending a working fan wall display and an assortment of the coils Temtrol builds, Janice also sent festive co-branded Mardi Gras swag to liven up the party! Of course, the impact of cool branded products like these lives far beyond the event itself. Each attendee will leave the "Mardi Gras Festival" in an upbeat mood. The branded can coolers, caps and pint glasses help to reinforce that good time... and the companies who provided it!

The annual event is a hit with customers, attracting up to 1,200 professionals each year. This attention to their customers is effective, too. Texas AirSystems is now the largest independent HVAC Equipment and Solutions supplier in Texas with five locations across the state.

And, helping their representative firm take care of their customers has been an effective strategy for Temtrol as well. Texas AirSystems recently won the bid for the new Parkland Hospital in Dallas, one of the largest hospital construction projects in the country. The 2.5 million-square-foot facility will be heated and cooled with units built by Temtrol (to the tune of $4 million). That’s a lot of air handling!

Developing strong relationships with your clients is good marketing. Helping your client connect with their customers is brilliant marketing. Winning a $4MM contract together is… well, it’s worth $4 Million!

Laissez les bon temps rouler!