A Hunger to Help

A Hunger to Help

“Over 675,000 Oklahomans will wake up today and wonder where their next meal will come from.”

- Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Regional Food Bank

While the holiday season brings a flurry of parties, presents and the rekindling of family and friends, for some people, it is simply a time to worry about how to survive another day. “When you learn how many people are fighting hunger right here in our own state… Well, that makes me want to try to help and do something about it,” says Kalli Kapraun, a product specialist at ROBYN. And, do something is exactly what she did!

“I have volunteered to work at the Regional Food Bank in the past and thought it was a very worthy cause,” she said. “I asked Bobby Lehew (CEO at ROBYN) if we could go work there as a group. I thought it would be a good thing for us and something we could do for the community.”

Kalli sorting cans

 “Kalli spearheaded this endeavor and I heartily endorsed it,” said Bobby. “Volunteering at the Regional Food Bank makes perfect sense for our company as we were able to take many of our warehouse and fulfillment personnel over to help with their warehousing and fulfillment of food products. It's fun to contribute to the community via a business that makes so much sense to us and we're proud to be affiliated with their noble work.”

Sherry sorting cans

On Friday, December 21st, eight volunteers from ROBYN Promotions arrived at the Regional Food Bank to lend a hand in feeding Oklahoma’s hungry. After a brief explanation of what would be done that morning, the ROBYN crew was busy sorting cans into six types of food, packing them into boxes to weigh 40 Lbs, labeling the boxes, stacking them on pallets and moving the pallets to the distribution area.


When the dust settled three hours later, the team had packed 12,600 pounds of canned goods! That’s a lot of help for a lot of people… without too much work for anyone.


“I think volunteering at the Food Bank really promotes teamwork,” Kalli said. “And putting it together was easy. I contacted them from their website, they emailed me the forms for our folks to fill out and we set a date. It was that simple.”

Helping out those less fortunate during this time of year is a great way for employers to support causes that are important to their employees. However, non-profits like the Regional Food Bank need help throughout the year. In 2013, ROBYN Promotions will be even more actively supporting the local non-profits with whom we work. If your company is interested in getting involved, we’re more than happy to help you find creative ways to be of service, too.