A Passion for Company Stores

A Passion for Company Stores

When one has a passion for something, that person learns as much as possible about the subject. Here at ROBYN, we are passionate about building high quality, custom online company stores for branded products, marketing collateral and literature. It’s wonderful when the premier organization in your industry deems you an expert and invites you to teach your peers how you do what you do, which is exactly what ROBYN’s Chief Branding Officer, Bobby Lehew, did at The PPAI Expo 2012 in Las Vegas last week.

bobby lehew PPAI

Speaking to a “standing room only” crowd, Bobby covered a great deal of information in a very short amount of time, while leaving a few minutes for questions at the end. Company stores are recognized by many organizations as the best possible way to manage their marketing collateral and control their brand, but there aren’t many companies who do it as well as ROBYN Promotions.

Systems have to be in place to manage the website, handle the orders, track inventory and ship in a timely manner. Once these hurdles are cleared, a distributor must face hard questions, such as:

  • Is the merchandised going to be stocked or ordered?
  • When does the client pay?
  • What is the cost structure?
  • Will the provider stock items purchased elsewhere?

 Bobby’s standard answer to these questions is, “It depends. Every situation is unique and every solution is customized.”

We’re proud of Bobby for giving such a fantastic class at an internationally recognized event. ROBYN Promotions builds a wide range of online company stores, from the simple, yet effective, digital catalog to elaborate stores that feature variable text printing options and the ability to resize ads and create artwork for print media.

You can see his slide deck for yourself below:


The company store 2012 expo slide
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