A Smarketer's Guide to Selecting the Right Swag for Your Company Store

A Smarketer's Guide to Selecting the Right Swag for Your Company Store

Smart marketers (aka Smarketers) like to have a plan for success when they launch a new program. With the goals in sight, they are able to backtrack and identify the steps that will lead them to the their destination. At ROBYN, we take this same approach to helping clients select the best combination of promotional products for their online company store.

As with other marketing initiatives, selecting the right products begins with understanding the goals. This is the crux of the discovery phase of the process.

  • Who will be using the company store? Clients? Prospects? Employees?
  • What do you want the products to do? Remember your name? Thank the recipient? Introduce yourself?
  • What types of products appeal to these audiences?

In some cases, our clients don’t have these answers, so some research is required. Kevin Jessop, president of Evolve Research, says “Surveys are a great way to gather information, but it’s important to focus on what you are trying to achieve with the survey. Ask yourself ‘How is this going to fit into your strategy?’ Before you start, determine exactly what you need to know and keep these clear objectives in mind,” he said.

For instance, approximately 40% of the products in a company store are apparel items. That’s a huge category with thousands of options (styles, colors, types of clothing, etc.). And, it’s a big investment for your company, so we want to make sure the products we add to the store are products your audience wants to wear.


Questions that we recommend for a survey can vary, depending upon the target audience. Some of the core questions we ask, though, include:

  • What colors fit this group (and still support the company’s branding)?
  • For apparel items, would the targets wear these items when going out or just at work?
  • What styles of clothing appeal to these people? We include pictures to make this easier!
  • For drinkware, what styles of coffee mug appeal to them? Ceramic, metal, commuter style, etc.
    We ask A/B questions (ie – Do you like this tote bag or that backpack?).

A-B testing 

With over 700,000 products available in our system, finding products is not hard. Finding the right product is what takes a sharp marketing mind. And that is why we