Adding Customer Service to the Company Store

Adding Customer Service to the Company Store

We all like to feel as if there is someone nearby to answer our questions. Whether it’s a helpful concierge at the hotel who directs you to a great local restaurant or the knowledgeable waiter who explains how a signature dish is prepared to perfection, it’s the human touch that makes the difference. A person to answer our questions and help us along our journey gives us confidence in the new encounter. It matters.

This is exactly how visitors to your corporate branded products website might feel, too. No matter how thoroughly we anticipate and plan for every imaginable question, your visitors will come up with unique situations and will seek expert advice. It’s for this precise reason we developed a comprehensive Customer Service Package for our company store solutions that includes both email and toll-free telephone support.

From the beginning of the process, we encourage our clients to purchase their own domain name for the branded merchandise e-store and to manage it themselves. Sure, we have the ability to do it for you, but it’s your brand and we believe you should own it. With this in mind, we then ask that you create a customer service email address at the domain name and point it to us. We take it from there.

Every interaction your visitors have with customer service is branded with your company, yet your team is never bothered with the visitor questions. Our dedicated customer service professionals are experts with our platform and have all the pertinent information for the products on your store just a mouse-click away. And, because we answer the phones with your company name and use your domain name in our email responses, your visitors trust they are dealing with an extension of your brand, not some stranger in another country. This truly delivers the personal touch your audience craves.

The benefits are two-fold, however, because your team is now able to focus on mission-critical objectives while the ROBYN customer service team handles:

  • Exchanging sizes on apparel
  • Replacing items damaged in transit
  • Helping timid internet users navigate the store
  • Answering questions (i.e. – spending accounts, gift certificates, purchase orders, etc.)
  • Checking order status
  • Placing orders (some rush orders might require a phone call in addition to an email)

This saves you time, money and a whole lot of headaches.

Customer service is a vital part of every interaction. Taking care of your company store users and your team is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to them.