An Orange Logo Goes Green

An Orange Logo Goes Green


As one of the largest privately held financial institutions in the U.S., it’s encouraging to see MidFirst Bank strongly embrace the initiative to "Go Green". Many financial institutions offer services such as eStatements and Online Banking. MidFirst is working to conserve natural resources in the way they do business as well, though. And that is what really sets them apart.

From Energy Management Systems to Recycling Programs and better uses of technology to reduce carbon fuel emissions, MidFirst is continuously implementing green initiatives. It’s becoming a part of their corporate culture. Of course, it’s the MidFirst employees who truly shape this culture, so it was important for everyone to get on board with the “Going Green” initiative.

One way to help encourage participation was by offering this new, eco-friendly tumbler to employees via the MidFirst Company Store at a huge discount. Not only did this provide employees with a stylish, re-usable glass for their drinks, but it also reinforced the green message. The tumbler was a hit with employees as it was the best selling item on the entire store for the month of July!

MidFirst is also very eco-friendly in the way they have ROBYN Promotions deliver items ordered from the company store to their employees. Each day, the ROBYN Distribution Center ships accumulated orders to a specific list of locations. This means the warehouse must combine unique orders from individual employees at a given location into a single weekly delivery, but just imagine how much fuel is saved in the process. Green and Efficient!

We like the way MidFirst uses their online company store to not only manage their marketing collateral and promotional products, but to also support initiatives as important as this.

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