Are you the master of YOUR app?

Are you the master of YOUR app?

Ever wonder how Netflix is able to provide streaming content to millions of customers around the world… at the same time?!
What about the way Priceline is able to conduct thousands of deals on travel every minute?
How the heck can these companies manage such incredibly complex applications to make sure things are running smoothly all the time? Meet AppDynamics – Application management for the cloud generation.
Based in San Francisco, AppDynamics provides state-of-the-art application performance management software. Wow. Those are big words! In plain English, they give the IT guys at really tech-savvy companies a way to make sure their services are working correctly.

And what do you suppose is the best way to market to IT guys? FREE T-SHIRTS!

Of course, what makes these shirts cool is that they don’t just feature a big logo and slogan on the front. They’re catchy. They’re funny. They’re unique. People “like” to wear these shirts.
And, AppDynamics doesn’t just randomly shoot t-shirts out of a cannon at football games. They attend the largest technology tradeshows around the world to meet with java developers in person. There, they can demonstrate first-hand the intuitiveness of their management software, give them a free download to try it for themselves AND a free t-shirt. Now, that’s a deal!

Managing the number of shirts required for give-aways at over 40 international tradeshows is no small feat. This is where the ROBYN Company Store Solution enters the picture. By visiting the company store website, authorized AppDynamics employees are able to order products and have them shipped anywhere in the world. ROBYN takes care of the rest: Ordering, warehousing, shipping and billing.

When it comes to connecting with your prospects in the “real” world, it’s important to offer something your market relates to. AppDynamics does it with catchy t-shirts.How can we help you reach your market, too?