Award Programs

Award Programs

“Bob Funk [chairman of the board and chief executive officer] loves to recognize people and their accomplishments,” says Sonja Bearden, Interactive Marketing & Creative Services Manager for Express Employment Professionals. To that end, Express has worked with ROBYN to develop an annual awards program that includes over 40 categories with more than 350 personalized awards given out each year.

“Express recognizes the efforts of our most successful offices in many different categories,” said Sonja. “From highest gross margin to going above and beyond to further the company as a whole… we even have a helping hand award.”

“The Express awards program is a carefully crafted, completely custom awards program,” said Bobby Lehew, Chief Branding Officer for ROBYN. “When designing an awards program for a company, we take great care to ensure that every nuance - every embellishment- reflects the passion that is behind the achievement. The award should reflect the accomplishment: the more passionate the accomplishment, the more formidable the obstacles overcome, the more exquisite the award should be.”

One of the most popular categories in the awards program is the Circle of Excellence award. “There are 7 levels to this award,” said Sonja, “with criteria that includes gross margin, no legal issues and conducting business in an ethical manner.” In 2013, there were over 200 offices awarded the Circle of Excellence. 

Custom Awards

“We also award the individual efforts of our franchise owners,” said Sonja. “One of the top awards is the Chairman’s Club which recognizes the highest sales revenue per franchisee.”

“Express understands the value of recognizing members of the organization for their efforts and has put together a first-class awards program,” said Becky. “We have a system for ordering, proofing, physically checking and shipping every one of these awards to the recipients. It works really well and that makes everyone happy!”