Before You Build a Company Store, Determine Your Priorities

Before You Build a Company Store, Determine Your Priorities


Before you establish criteria for what type of store you need, determine what are the most important issues you need help resolving. Corporate web stores can serve a multitude of functions. Click here to learn more about what a ROBYN company store can do.


  • brand abuse is out of control; no system of protection for the brand
  • apparel is messy - requires to much administration
  • printed collateral is growing increasingly complex
  • branded materials are not getting into the hands that need them, quick enough
  • inventory is a nightmare
  • no one knows where to find all our materials - accessibility is poor
  • accountability for purchasing: we need a system to manage purchases
  • we’ve tried it ourselves, consumes to much energy
  • our products are fragmented, no central area to find all branded items
  • duplication of energies across the entire organization to purchase and handle branded products
From this list of items, list the top three problems you need help resolving in order of importance:




Establishing your top three priorities will help isolate your main reason for building a store so you can concentrate on not only solving that problem, but ensuring that this problem doesn’t cause short sightedness in building even greater solutions for your store. This priority page also helps you clarify your priorities so your colleagues and vendor-partners will understand what is of utmost importance to you.