Blueprint for Success

Blueprint for Success

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Each January, the Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association kicks off the new year with a meeting focused on helping their members improve some aspect of their business in the year ahead. It’s a perfect fit for this time of resolutions and self-improvement. In 2013, however, the chapter really stepped it up by bringing in Paul Roetzer, CEO of PR 20/20 and author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint, for a half-day seminar. For “Smarketers”, this was BIG! So big, in fact, that the AMAOKC asked ROBYN to develop a campaign to promote the event.

In putting together a campaign like this, the creative team at ROBYN first identifies the key elements:

  • New Year (the meeting was during the first full week after the holidays)
  • Blueprint theme
  • Marketing agency focus
  •  Seminar – not just a luncheon 

With these points in mind, ROBYN created a direct mail piece that included a New Year’s party horn with gold and silver shred, a beautifully designed insert from Loose Lid Creative and a bookmark (for the free book attendees would receive at the seminar) all packed into a festive tube mailer… just like blueprints are. And, since Roetzer’s topic talked about creating a marketing agency, the mailing list was expanded beyond just AMAOKC members to include contacts at various ad agencies across the metro.

Direct Mail Campaign

The tubes were scheduled to begin arriving the Friday before the long New Year’s weekend… And they were a hit! Pictures began popping up on all the social media channels with great remarks, such as: “@ROBYNpromo did it again!” and “I got back from lunch and there was a party in a tube waiting for me!” The campaign was certainly generating the desired response. But it didn’t end there.

Each attendee not only had their brains expanded three sizes by the insightful words of Paul Roetzer (seriously… this guy is smart!), but they were also given a copy of Paul’s book, courtesy of ROBYN Promotions. The book, which was branded by ROBYN with a custom tip-in page, will ensure the campaign lives on because everyone will want to keep this book handy as a great resource.

customized book