Branded Promotional Planners, Calendars & Diaries

Branded Promotional Planners, Calendars & Diaries

If there is one promotional product that is sure to catch the eye of prospects year round, it’s a product with a calendar on it. Interestingly enough, this is one of the most overlooked products by budget conscious companies. A  branded  calendar has the potential to generate more ROI than virtually any other branded product. There are two main reasons for this:
  1. calendars are inexpensive
  2. your message is seen for 12-13 months, multiple times per day

These two reasons alone should drive a company to purchase calendars and hand them out each year! We at Robyn do this, and most of our top clients do as well.

If you are thinking about purchasing calendars, planners or diaries for 2011, please take a moment to review the following list of Promotional Calendars.

2011 Promotional Calendars

If there is not a design above that fits your needs, no need to worry because there are hundreds of inexpensive, stock calendar designs. Simply email us for more information.

New this Year

Another great calendar idea that was released this year is the revolving calendar. As with any promotional product, movement brings your advertisement alive. These new calendars are sure to be a hit!
custom branded revolving calendars promotional products