Branding with Actions

Branding with Actions

The Power of the Handwritten Note

Anglin note

In the crazy-busy, gotta' have it yesterday world in which we live, there is still one thing that makes a company stand out from the rest... a handwritten thank you note.

As kids, we were taught to send thank you notes, but with the advent of email, we have been spoiled. It's easy to bang out a 30-second email that says "Thanks!". And, it's generally accepted as par for the course in today's business world. It's much harder, however, to take the 5 minutes to put pen to paper and write "Thank you".

That 5 minutes makes a world of difference, though. Look who's note was published on our blog.

And, it says a lot about the company. "Branding" your company isn't just about nice pens with your logo on them (although that certainly helps!). Your company's image is created by the things you do in public and the things you do in personal interactions.

As you continue to build your brand's image, think about the little things that make a huge impact. Sometimes it's as simple as a handwritten note.

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