Brave New World

Brave New World

2013 Marketini invitation

The tactics used to execute a stellar marketing strategy have evolved drastically since the Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association was established 50 years ago, but the same fundamentals stand strong… and success should be rewarded. Welcome to the AMAOKC’s 2013 Marketini Awards, a celebration of excellence in marketing.

While the 2012 Marketini event focused on the chapter’s beginning with an event built around a Mad Men theme, the 2013 Marketini was focused on the future… A Brave New World. ROBYN worked with VI Marketing and Branding to develop this theme and to create a time capsule invitation for the event that was sent to hundreds of marketing professionals across the state.

Marketini custom invitation

Held at the Will Rogers Theatre, the annual event was a space age extravaganza. From illuminated geometric center pieces on the tables to glowing balloons suspended in mid-air to light-up ice cubes in the drinks, attendees felt the future was here… now. The stage was set, the drinks were flowing, a delicious dinner was served and the award program began.

The Future Is Here

“It’s a big deal to receive a Marketini award,” says Kevin Jessop, president of the AMAOKC. “We had a record number of entries this year. In fact, they doubled in number over last year! And, we have world-class marketing talent here in Oklahoma City. These people have truly put us on the global map and we need to celebrate those guys for the awesome work they do.”

The Marketini Awards are divided into eight categories, including:

  • Single Marketing Tactic
  • Integrated Marketing / Public Relations Campaign
  • Direct Marketing Campaign
  • Advertising Campaigh
  • Trade Show / Special Event
  • Cause Marketing Campaign
  • Interactive / Mobile / Web Campaign
  • Social Media

“The way we judge our entries is unique compared to other chapters of the AMA,” said Kevin. “We recruited respected marketers who know our market. Each judge is an expert in their particular field of marketing and is active within the marketing community. Agencies, corporations and academia were represented by our panel of judges.”

In the end, however, there can be only one “best” and the 2013 Marketini Award for the Best of the Best went to the Liberté Grand Opening events campaign by Anglin PR and Funnel Design Group.

THE Marketini Award 

Here’s to the Smarketers who won coveted Marketini Awards!

Toasting the Winners