Breaking Swag

Breaking Swag

We're cooking up something really groovy.

For several months now, you've been getting a taste of some killer swag with a name you simply can't forget... SwagExpert. The SwagExpert is on shirts that state "Keep Calm and Swag On" and the ultimate tailgate cups proclaiming "Getting my #SwagOn!"


Still, there has remained a mysterious cloud around what, exactly, this SwagExpert thing is about. Now is the time for us to share it with you...We're Breaking Swag!


It's no secret that ROBYN partners with brilliant marketers across the country to develop the coolest campaigns featuring the perfect branded products. That's what makes us the SwagExperts! Sometimes, though, you have your own idea for a project and want to see what's available. At 4 am. On Sunday morning. Or, you just want to see if we can put your logo on the Nike Everclear Putter (we can!). Or, ideas for client gifts for the holidays this year.

Go to SwagExpert.com.

That's it.

We've picked out the best products from some of our favorite partners to share with you. Selection? Oh, yeah... Over 40,000 products are featured! Comprehensive? Heck no! There are over 700,000 products in our system! If you don't find what you need, simply Activate Swag Mode!

Your friends at ROBYN Promotions aren't going anywhere. We'll still be here working with clients to create award winning campaigns that get results. We just want to introduce you to the newest tool to make your job easier... and can make you a SwagExpert, too!