Breaking Swag with The SwagExperts

Breaking Swag with The SwagExperts

For Breaking Bad fans around the world, Monday, February 24th is virtually a holiday. The last 8 episodes of Walter White’s odyssey are finally making it to Netflix. Let the binge watching begin!


Why the big fuss over some little TV show? Well, after 10 Primetime Emmy Awards, being nominated for 7 Golden Globes (and finally winning the Best Drama category this year), 5 nominations and 2 wins from the Screen Actors Guild and setting a record in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records for the highest-rated TV series of all time (99/100), you could say this show is kind of a big deal.

It even inspired Sir Anthony Hopkins to write a “fanboy email” to Bryan Cranston (who plays Walter White, err, Heisenberg?) after his two-week marathon of binge watching all five seasons of the show!

Debuting in January 2008, the series has grown from the TV screen to virtually every type media available:

But, what the heck does “Breaking Bad” mean?! According to the show’s website…

Whew! That’s pretty heavy.

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