Bringing Digital Marketing Smarts to Life

Bringing Digital Marketing Smarts to Life

Each of us is bombarded daily with marketing messages: Banner ads on web pages and billboards on the road, commercials on TV and ads in magazines… there is no escaping it. Yet, most of these messages just sail right by us. How do effective marketers capture an audience’s attention and successfully convert them into customers? They call in the experts… MarketingProfs.

With over 600,000 members around the globe, the MarketingProfs share a daily dose of expert insight about every marketing channel you can imagine (and probably a few you never considered). And get this… a basic membership is FREE! With thousands of articles, podcasts, tutorials and webinars, MarketingProfs has created an online community of marketers that simply cannot be beat… Except when they bring it to life in the “real” world at the annual B2B Forum!


“MarketingProfs is an entirely virtual company with employees in 21 states,” says Corey O’Loughlin, Marketing Manager for the ‘Profs, “so our annual event in Boston is a coming home of sorts for the team.”

With over 30 sessions, keynote speeches, pre-conference workshops and a host of extra-curricular activities, the MarketingProfs’ B2B Forum is a festival of marketing goodness with some of the brightest marketers in the business. “It’s so great to put a face with a Twitter handle,” Corey said. “Our speakers are all so approachable and attend all the networking events. There’s something special about sharing a drink with your marketing idols!”


In addition to the physical presence of the event, the ‘Profs developed a stunning array of branded gear with the SwagExperts at ROBYN. “We wanted to create an experience for our B2B Forum attendees, not just hold an event,” said Ann Handley, Chief Content Creator. “The branded items we offered might have seemed like small things, but they played a big part in how we created a richer attendee experience that was infused with the MarketingProfs brand.”

And, when you make an impact with a crowd of content marketers, you can be sure to find mentions and references to the event scattered across the digital world (from Vocus and TopRank and Komarketing… just to name a few!). Of course, the twittersphere and Instagram were alive with the #MPB2B hashtag, too. This was a social media bonanza!


“I really think we made the event special this year and gave it a pulse… some heart… and a lot of soul,” Corey said. “Everyone knows MarketingProfs will have the best lineup of sessions. We’ve built a reputation on our incredibly high standard, but the extra touches are what put #mpb2b over the top this year. I can’t wait for next year!”

You, however, don’t have to wait. Starting October 25th, the MarketingProfs are offering all 32 concurrent sessions on their website as part of the B2B On-Demand program. Even if you were there, you couldn’t see all the sessions. Now you can! As many times as you like for the next six months.

Yeah… The MarketingProfs are cool like that.

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