Business Gift Giving in 2013

Business Gift Giving in 2013

Business gift giving should not be a rushed, impersonal, perfunctory chore for your team. This is an opportunity for your company to show its gratitude and to stick in the minds of the recipients. Of course, giving the most expensive gift is not the way to achieve this. Giving the right gift is. That's where the SwagExperts at ROBYN can help. We learned from the best!

Santa - The Original SwagExpert!

When it comes to gifting, one size does not fit all. We recommend doing some analysis before selecting items to give as gifts. Questions to ask might include:

  • What is our budget?
  • Is this a client, prospect or business partner?
  • How much revenue does this company generate (or save)?
  • Does this company have gifting guidelines?
  • Are we gifting individuals or the entire company?
  • How are we gifting our own employees?

Armed with this information, you’re ready to tap into the SwagExpert’s creative genius. From beautiful food towers to share with an entire department to executive gifts from Brookstone to budget-friendly items to give every member of a company, ROBYN Promotions excels at finding ways to make your brand shine.

To celebrate the season, we want to share our favorite things with our friends. Each week from now through the end of the year, we will be giving away one of our favorite things with one lucky winner (or more… You know how we like to Surprise & Delight our friends!).

Branded retro cooler bag

For the first week, we are sharing this very cool Retro Lunch Cooler. Yes, your co-workers will be jealous when you come to the office sporting this sweet lunch bag. Or, be the hit of the holiday party when you arrive with a stash of cold beverages. Any way you look at it, this bag has swag… And it can easily be yours!

Like us on Facebook, Tweet it out, share it on LinkedIn, pin it on Pinterest, make a YouTube video about the contest... Just use #Swag4all to spread the word! We’ll draw a winner on Thursday, November 14th. It could be you!