Centralized Location = Simpler Distribution

Centralized Location = Simpler Distribution

Companies that have more than one location are familiar with the struggle of determining the logistics to get the right items in the right locations at the right time. Now, imagine your company has over 600 offices across the United States and Canada. How do you make sure the 6 padfolios for a big client meeting at the office in Yakima, WA, get there… in three days? If the administrative assistant ordered them from a distributor, it would take 3-5 days for production plus 4 days for shipping (not to mention the minimum order of 48 padfolios when you really only need 6!).

This is a challenge Express Employment Professionals don’t have to face. They have a company store powered by ROBYN that makes sure the products are in stock and ready to ship at a moment’s notice. When one of the offices needs mugs, shirts, forms or any of the other 700+ items featured on the company store, they simply place an order and it’s shipped the next day.

 Express Company Store

Every industry has some sort of hurdles to overcome in their day-to-day operations. For one of the nation’s largest staffing agencies, it’s paperwork. Employment laws are tricky. Each state has its own unique requirements, designed to protect both employers and employees. For a staffing agency with offices scattered across North America, it is imperative for each location to have access to the right forms… when they need them.

By having all the forms organized in one centrally located warehouse, they can be efficiently shipped to the offices that need them. Of course, forms are just the tip of the iceberg! Brochures, catalogs, sales tools, corporate apparel, promotional items, marketing campaigns, tradeshow booths, candy… You name it! We have printed over 10 million custom business cards for Express Employment Professionals since the launch of this store. And, there are over 700 Express branded items in ROBYN’s climate-controlled warehouses that can be ordered 24/7/365 through the their online company store.

Imagine, one website for all 6,000 Express Company Store users to visit for all the collateral items you need to run and promote your business. There is no confusion about where to get supplies, which in turn creates even more efficiencies. The products are warehoused in the middle of the United States for easy access to both coasts. And, because we ship over 40,000 packages a year for this client alone, ROBYN gets the best shipping rates available.

To better serve the Canadian offices, ROBYN has also attained the Non-Resident Importer status through UPS. This means we act as both the exporter and the importer, which saves our clients a lot of time and money when shipping materials into Canada. Just another example of how ROBYN takes fulfillment and distribution to another level!

The best campaign on the planet is useless if it doesn’t get to the team who needs it at the right time. Smart marketers know that a company store maintained by the SwagExperts at ROBYN is a sure-fire way to make sure their materials get where they need to be. On time. Every time.