Communications Through Your Company Store

Communications Through Your Company Store

There are many great reasons for having on online company store to manage your marketing collateral. Of course, things never stay static in the world of marketing – or communications, for that matter. Messages change. New strategies are employed. Fresh, creative promotional products are created. How do you share this information with your audience(s)?

As part of the ROBYN Company Store Solution, you have the option to add an email newsletter to your communication mix. This completely customized email provides a way for you to easily share information with your audience.

ROBYN’s savvy internet marketing specialists work with our clients to design an email that focuses on things that are important to their visitors (new products, revised literature, close-out sales, etc.), establish a timeline for the frequency of the emails (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and helps to manage the clients’ email lists (we can send different emails to different segments of their audience).

You work hard to develop the strategies and tools to help your team do their jobs. This program helps you share the message with them!

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