Company Stores Aren’t Just for Promo Items Anymore

Company Stores Aren’t Just for Promo Items Anymore

Oftentimes, online company stores are seen solely as a way to manage promotional products. While it is true that this is the most popular aspect of ROBYN’s company store solution, there are other time and money saving benefits to explore.

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For instance, many of our clients are surprised to learn about the ways an online corporate store can help franchisees or satellite offices customize their literature, while staying within the strict print guidelines developed by the corporate headquarters.

The ROBYN company stores can host as many templates as you like for a wide variety of printed goods, such as: business cards, postcards, brochures, sell sheets, spec sheets, print ads, direct mail pieces, etc. You decide how many (or how few) options to give the users: logos, images, direction of lay-out, etc. The user then creates the needed piece within the parameters you have established.

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Once completed and approved, the user clicks ‘Submit’ and the file is submitted to us for professional printing and finishing. In the case of ad creation, a hi-res PDF file is created and is ready for the user to send to the publisher.

Another popular feature of ROBYN’s company stores is the ability to create customized direct mail pieces. The user simply uploads a spreadsheet with the contacts’ information on it and merges the data with the desired postcard. Once saved, the file is transmitted to us for printing. Studies have shown that recipients are much more open to marketing messages that are personalized, and this is an incredibly easy way to do it!

Imagine being able to help every employee create customized literature while retaining control of your brand… with absolutely no effort on your part! That’s the power of ROBYN’s company store solution. 

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