Control what visitors see on your store

Control what visitors see on your store

An online company store provides companies with a fantastic way to control their brand: branded promotional products produced in the right colors with the right logos, printed collateral is high-quality (not straight off a 5-year-old inkjet printer) and forms are all up-to-date. But, there is another area of control that is often over-looked, but is extremely valuable... Control over what different types of visitors see.

Many companies who use the ROBYN Company Store Solution have used this feature to give different types of users access to selective areas of the website. For instance, you may want all your employees and outside sales reps to see your Apparel, Collateral and Promotional items, but only the people directly involved in planning events get to see the Event Supplies portion of the site. 

Having the ability to show certain categories to a select group of people is a powerful tool on your company store. Those without access never know the difference, but for those who can get to the hidden pages, it is invaluable.

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