Control Your Brand

Control Your Brand

Control your brand

When OGE Energy Corp. and CenterPoint Energy, Inc. merged their midstream businesses in May 2013, they had neither a name nor a logo for the new $11 billion company. However, within two months, the senior brand manager developed a name, a logo and a physical campaign to launch the new brand internally to the company’s 1,800 employees in 100+ locations… on the same day.

For Enable Midstream Partners, generating excitement about the new brand was important, but getting the right logo into their employees’ hands was imperative. They needed a turn-key solution to ensure the campaign looked perfect, could be shipped to over 100 to locations to land on the same day and that their new company store could manage the deluge of orders once their employees received the first part of their gifts.

Every company wants complete control of their brand, but when you’re introducing the logo for an $11 billion company, there can be no mistakes. That’s why the smart marketers at Enable Midstream worked with the SwagExperts at ROBYN Promotions. Each member of the ROBYN team is trained to treat client’s branding guidelines with reverence and understands the importance of brand compliance. That’s what makes us the branded SwagExperts!

Plus, the ROBYN Company Store Solution provides a fantastic tool to control your company’s brand. From sourcing the perfect branded items to warehousing and shipping them to conducting seamless online transactions through the company store, ROBYN was able to help Midstream Partners launch the new brand flawlessly. And, the result was overwhelming!

Enable Midstream tumbler

Following a company-wide conference call with the COO, Keith Mitchell, the employees were shown a fantastic video that unveiled the company’s new name, logo and vision. Immediately following the call, all 1,800 employees were given a slick tumbler featuring the new logo. And, inside each tumbler was a card directing them to the new company store to order a complimentary t-shirt sporting the new Enable Midstream logo.

 Enable Midstream Partners

While there is a lot more to successfully pulling off a high-profile campaign, the company store gives the Enable Midstream Partners an effective tool to control their brand. Every single business card, sheet of letterhead, envelope, shirt, mug, padfolio and pen for all 100+ locations is checked by ROBYN for accuracy and brand compliance. Each item on the store has been approved by our client and ROBYN offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on quality, logo color and placement accuracy.

The Enable Midstream logo is not an easy one to reproduce. With its gradients and half-tones plus required PMS color matches, the SwagExperts at ROBYN knew the perfect manufacturing partner to use to create a product that would make everyone happy. And, the team’s quality assurance processes ensured a successful delivery.

When standards are met, products are ready when people need them and every single item is tracked, you have a system for managing your brand. This is an online company store. This is control.