Crafting a comprehensive marketing campaign

Crafting a comprehensive marketing campaign

One well-placed ad or a great direct mail piece does not make a marketing campaign. Nor is it likely that either of these isolated pieces will have much impact in realizing your marketing goals. What you need is a unifying strategy with multiple tactics, much like the Express Employment Professionals’ quarterly marketing campaigns.

Each quarter, the Express marketing team designs collateral pieces to support a marketing goal and works with ROBYN to develop effective promotional products that help promote the concept. ROBYN then puts together marketing kits and distributes them to the 500+ franchisees around the country. And it works!

For the fourth quarter of 2011, the Express team is focusing on retention (we all know that for a business to grow, it’s imperative that we keep existing clients as well as find new clients, right?). To support this initiative, the marketing team designed several flyers, direct mail pieces, a bookmark and a box set of greeting cards all focused on retaining existing business.

While each office across the country received one complete kit complimentary, they are able to order more of any of the components via their online company store. Additionally, the website gives each office the ability to create customized ads in a variety of sizes as hi-resolution PDF files that can be emailed to local magazines and newspapers for publication. Now that’s slick!

What about your business? How do you put together a campaign full of complementary pieces that all support a primary objective? Do you have a system for maintaining and distributing these items to your team both near and far? This is one of ROBYN’s greatest strengths and we would enjoy speaking with you to see how we can help you achieve your goals! 

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