Customize PowerPoint Presentations with Your Company Store

Customize PowerPoint Presentations with Your Company Store

A hot prospect emails you and says she would like a salesperson to come by and explain how your product can save her company thousands of dollars… one hour from now. While you do have a salesperson nearby, how are you going to create a custom PowerPoint presentation and email it to him in time for the meeting? You send him to your new online company store powered by ROBYN!

“We’ve been using variable text to create custom printed products through our company stores for years,” says Eric Granata, Director of eCommerce. “With our new company store platform, we’re bringing that technology to digital pieces, too. And the best part is that it’s mobile-friendly.”

For most salespeople, the idea of putting together a custom PowerPoint presentation for a client is as daunting as changing the spark plugs... in a 2015 Corvette Stingray! Trying to use the right fonts and colors, finding the right images, covering all the important features, putting it in a logical order and, most importantly, spelling everything correctly. Changing the spark plugs might be easier.


And, for the Marketing Department that spends countless hours developing the corporate brand, the thought of someone hacking together their own presentation is absolutely horrifying. But they don't have time to customize every presentation for every meeting for every salesperson, either. 

This is where a dynamic PowerPoint presentation tool on the company store fits perfectly! The Marketing Department designs the presentation precisely the way it should look and then works with their Company Store Specialist at ROBYN to determine which pieces of text need to be customized. The programming wizards at ROBYN take care of the rest!

For the user, there are just 3 simple steps to customize a presentation (and it can be done with a smart phone!).

  1. Select which presentation to use
  2. Fill in the required fields on the form with the correct custom information
  3. Add it to the cart. That’s it!


When the user checks out, the completed PowerPoint presentation is emailed to him. The salesperson opens the attached file and there it is: a customized presentation that follows every bit of the branding guidelines set forth by the Marketing Department.

While saving both the Marketing Department and the Sales Force a lot of time, these easy-to-customize presentations also save the company a lot of money (and that makes everyone happy!). 

Dynamic PowerPoint presentations are just one of the many game-changing features found in ROBYN’s Company Store Solution. Schedule a Tour today to see more features that save both time and money.