Emails with a 114% Open Rate? Yep.

Emails with a 114% Open Rate? Yep.

Of all the social media channels, email marketing is the most personal, which makes it potentially the most effective. Yet it is the most elusive, too. What is a “good” open rate? And, how do you get the right people to open your email?

According to a recent article on Inc., standard bulk email averages a 14.4% open rate (MailChimp puts that number closer to 18%). However, the average open rate for email receipts is an amazing 114.4%! Many of these emails are opened more than one time (which is how the number can be over 100%).

email receipts have a 114% open rate 
 Image courtesy of EasySMTP

Isn’t that cheating, though? This is just a receipt.

Not at all! With the ROBYN Company Store Solution, the email receipt can be completely customized to match the design of the store, adding information about upcoming promotions and even including unique coupon codes with expiration dates.

custom email receipt

While this receipt matches the Art of Manliness website perfectly in design, is easy to read and gives the customer contact information in case of questions (which is managed by the ROBYN Customer Service team), the best part of the email is at the bottom!

Here, the store is promoting a new item, the Jack London Poster. According to Inc., this increases transaction rates by 20%! But, AoM didn’t stop there. They also include a “5% discount on your next order” coupon code and social sharing icons (which increases the click-through rate by 55%).

connect with email receipts 

Turning one-time visitors to your company store into repeat customers is one of the most important strategies in developing a program to manage your branded products and marketing materials. The ROBYN Company Store Solution is packed with clever ways for you to successfully manage an online company store. Contact one of our agents today to learn more!