Customer Service and the Company Store

Customer Service and the Company Store

 Company Store Customer Service

Not all company store providers realize it, but they will be servicing two distinct types of clients, both of whom are extremely important: you, the headquarters client who decides on the store and product, and your colleagues, those representatives ordering materials from the store. Part of your reason for choosing to build a company store is to outsource the management of many of the issues related to branded products and marketing materials, including handling orders and answering basic questions.

NOW is the optimum time to decide which of the following paths you want to take:

  • Establish a customer service or answering line with your company store provider
  • Continue to take the company store's call yourself
The types of calls and inquiries you could receive are:
  • "Where's my order?!" calls
  • "I never received my _____." calls
  • "I was shorted (1) _____." calls
  • Order placement: "I'd like to place an order for ____."
  • Order adjustment: "Can I add (1) more item to my order?"
  • Returns processing: "How do I return this _____ that I ordered?"
  • Product questions: "Does that shirt run long or short? Does that mug top flip open?", etc.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How much of my time (or my staff's time) do I want to take up with these types of inquiries?
  • Do we want to devote our time to training and educating timid internet users?
  • Is there any reason why we shoud manage the product inquiry ourselves?

Questions to ask your vendor:

  • Can you provide dedicated customer service support for our store?
  • Will you provide a dedicated toll-free number for our store?
  • Will you provide dedicated email service for our store?
  • Can you assist our colleagues in a friendly, professional manner in navigating the store
  • Can you provide any training videos o tutorials for using the store?
Finding a vendor who values customer service as much as you do is a critical aspect to building a successful online company store program.