Customer Service for Your Company Store

Customer Service for Your Company Store

Customer Service. These words mean different things to each company depending upon its industry, customer base, etc. Our friend, Seth Godin, recently published an insightful blog post about what customer service is (or isn’t).

When it comes to serving your team through your company store, ROBYN has taken a cue from the most successful B2C retail sites…

Customer Service on Your Company Store Counts!
Infographic courtesy of Koepel Direct

Online Support

One of the newest features of ROBYN’s Company Store Solution involves providing users the support they need, from whichever page they are visiting. By clicking the arrow on the side of the page, they are presented with the most popular questions asked by other visitors to the site (and the corresponding answers, of course!).


Crowd-sourcing answers in this way not only shows what other users are asking, but it also gives the store administrators insights to how the store could be more efficient by addressing frequently asked questions.

Another incredibly useful tool for users is to be able to ask a question about a specific item or description by dragging and dropping the “?” icon onto an image or block of text.


When an answer already exists for a spot, the user can click to see it. If no one else has asked a particular question, the user is prompted to be the first to ask. This submission is sent directly to a ROBYN Customer Service professional. When the question is answered, the user is emailed the answer and it is updated on the store.

Sometimes, visitors want to submit a question directly to customer service, which can be done through a simple email link.

contact customer service 

Offline Support

Having online support available 24/7/365 can be incredibly useful, but for some store visitors, being able to speak directly to a Customer Service professional is the optimal path to resolution. The ROBYN Company Store Solution includes dedicated email accounts and toll-free phone numbers that go directly to a Customer Service professional (who answers the phone with your company name).

You’re online company store is designed to make managing your marketing materials simple. It should also be easy for your team to use. A key piece to that is providing them with the support they need. As Seth Godin says:

"Customer service, like everything an effective organization does, changes people. Announce the change you seek, then invest appropriately in a system that is likely to actually produce the outcomes you just said you wanted.

Make promises and keep them."

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