Customize the User Experience on Your Company Store

Customize the User Experience on Your Company Store

ROBYN Promotions

Customized User Experience. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? It is nice. For instance, when you type a street address in Google and it magically knows which city to show you because the Google knows exactly where you are. Guess what? Your branded merchandise store can work like that, too.

Let’s say you manage corporate apparel and marketing collateral for a credit union with 27 branches in three different states. This creates a lot of needs from a broad perspective: three versions of every printed piece, unique promotional products for each market and segment, multiple layers of employees accessing the site, different groups within the credit union with varied purchasing procedures, etc.

From the user’s perspective, though, the company store is simple. It just needs to do what they need it to do. That is a customized user experience and the ROBYN Company Store Solution can provide it. Here are a handful unique parameters we can use to create a custom experience tailored for different types of employees throughout your organization based on their log-in.

Price Schedules

Sometimes, it is important to show a different price or offer a discount to a group of employees. Maybe you want to give your newer employees a chance to stock up on items at a special price or reward a branch for superior performance. Show them by helping their wallets!

Category / Products

Let’s say you plan on rolling out some great new executive apparel, but you only want the officers of the credit union to be able to purchase them. No problem. You can control which products – and even categories of products – each user can see. While your tellers may see the new Nike golf shirts featured on the homepage, the branch manager sees the new Brooks Brothers dress shirt instead.

Payment Options

This is a big one. Most organizations want their employees to use personal credit cards or gift certificates for their personal purchases. However, event coordinators in the marketing department might need to be able to use a purchase order to request hundreds of items for a sponsored event. You can give certain employees or departments specific payment options.

Approval Processes

Enabling the event coordinator to use a purchase order on the merch store is great, but maybe the Director of Marketing wants to make sure this purchase is applied to the right spending account. ROBYN’s company stores are flexible enough to create an approval process that is thorough and efficient so additional actions from the person requesting the purchase are not required.

Spending Accounts

Maybe you don’t want to approve every marketing purchase for every event, yet you want to keep a handle on how much is spent on marketing materials… Create spending accounts with limits. Each month, you will receive a detailed report about how much was spent from each account so you can track expenses without having to approve every order.

Taken individually, these types of customizations are nice features. Added together, however, they create a powerful tool for you to create the perfect experience for each of your users. The products they use, the price they pay, even the way they pay… All determined by you.