Delivering Happiness Through a Company Store

Delivering Happiness Through a Company Store

When you think about “delivering happiness”, a financial institution probably isn’t the first thing on your mind. There’s at least one credit union, though, that has taken the DH message to heart. Meet GTE Financial, a phenomenal credit union in Florida with 498 employees in 22 locations that embraces this message from the top brass down.

“We invest our passion daily to deliver a remarkable experience to both our members and fellow co-workers,” says Cindy Zapico, Talent Representative. “It is only natural for us to feel pride in our work and want to share our brand with the community.

GTE Financial’s passion appears to be working, too! In 2013, the company was named one of the “Best Places to Work” and “Healthiest Employers” by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. They also launched an online company store and, true to their style, they brought the happiness.

 GT e-store

“The GTeStore provides every employee an opportunity to wear their pride on their sleeves (literally),” said Cindy. To introduce them to the new company store, employees were given a generous credit to purchase branded clothing of their choice. “Our employees were thrilled. We knew they would want to showcase their GTE Financial pride!”

The new branded gear was worn by many of these folks at the all-employee “Delivering Happiness” event the company sponsored last month. Featuring presentations from Jenn Lim (CEO and Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness) and Erik Wahl (an incredibly motivating speaker and artist), the day was focused on bringing happiness to the customer, which starts with happy employees. By the looks of their hashtag, #GTEhappy, it was truly successful.

Deliverying Happiness

“It was exciting to see our employees wearing their new branded apparel at the event,” Cindy said. “Everyone loves the products and services that ROBYN Promotions has provided us, including the creative consultation we received from the very beginning.”

“Our desired outcome for every company store is to make a complex ordering process simple and fun!" said Bobby Lehew, CEO at Robyn. "We start by alleviating the organization’s primary pain points then we improve the customer’s store experience based on our cumulative 22 years of managing stores."

"Every aspect of the process is carefully constructed based on the requirements of each company’s brand," he continued. "From hand-picked merchandise via SwagExpert, to designing a store that reflects a company’s culture, to launching the e-store in a way that brings surprise and delight to each user. GTE is an exceptional company and we are proud to have played a small part in bringing a smile to their 'happiness' experience."

“GTE Financial’s unique and innovative brand continues to grow strong,” said Cindy. Next year, the company will be celebrating their 80th year in business. We can’t wait to see how they deliver happiness then!