Designing Your Company Store

Designing Your Company Store

Deciding to build an e-commerce store to manage all your marketing materials is an easy one to make. Figuring out “where do we go from here?” is the daunting part! Fortunately, the ROBYN Company Store Solution pairs our clients with one of our store specialists to walk through the entire process, from selecting products that “define your core” to designing the features and interface of the store to launching it to your team and generating traffic.


Sure, we’re talking about the colors and your logo, but it can be much more than that. ROBYN offers companies large and small many options to make their company store an elaborate, customized marketing catalog or a simple, clean and organized marketing closet. The choice is yours.

All the ROBYN branded merch stores are built on the same engine, so many companies that are new to this concept opt for a basic design… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective! This clean, easy-to-navigate store features our most popular support and reporting tools, yet can be launched in a very short time. Whether you want to “test the waters” before upgrading to a more sophisticated store or you simply don’t need more than the essential standard features, the ROBYN Basic Store is as robust as our most advanced offerings.


Over the years, many of our clients who started with a basic design have upgraded their branded their company e-store to better match their corporate look and to take advantage of the advanced features of our custom stores.

Aesthetically, a custom store can be designed to look exactly like the corporate website which gives the store the look and feel of your brand. We have found this to be especially important for companies with multiple offices, franchises or dealer networks. Carrying the company’s culture to the company store gives users more confidence in its ability to support them.

From a technological perspective, our advanced company stores are able to meet the demands from both sides of your online merch store. Visitors to the store crave the features they expect from online retail leaders such as: product zoom, suggested products, video tutorials and additional ordering options. On the other hand, your internal teams want detailed monthly order reports, inventory management and reporting and customer support.

With the ROBYN Company Store Solution, not only are the needs of all your internal customers met, but the systems are managed by our experienced professionals so the burden does not fall on you! This truly creates a win-win-WIN situation for everyone.

Learn more about the ROBYN’s Marketing Closet or contact one of our SwagExperts (877.211.9711) to give you a guided tour.

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