Designing your online company store

Designing your online company store

Although the design of your online company store is typically one of the simplest parts of the process to implement, it is a critical component and might require some input from others within your organization.

Most stores have a basic design option and an advanced design option. Basic design options do not imply they “don’t look good”, they are merely formatted with simple structures and simple design work, i.e., backgrounds that match your logo but fit within formatted templates.

company store template design

Custom designed sites are an ideal solution when brand consistency, particularly across multiple technology platforms, is important. For example, you may want your company store to reflect the exact image of your home page of your corporate website. We recommend this option most often as it eliminates confusion and makes the transition from the corporate intranet/internet site seamless.

company store custom design

So the question of design comes down to two options:

  • A simple design that looks good and matches your brand
  • An advanced design that matches your company’s home page
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