Do You Wanna’ Build a Snow… Cone?

Do You Wanna’ Build a Snow… Cone?

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf… It’s hard to get much better marketing partners than the stars of Disney’s record-setting animated film, Frozen. The savvy marketers at City National Bank and Trust set records of their own when they opted to sponsor the screening of Frozen for the City of Lawton’s “Movie in the Park”.

“The Parks & Recreation Department hosts the movies in the park every few weeks during early summer and in the fall,” said Krystal Johnson, Marketing Specialist. “We usually sponsor one during each season, but we’ve never seen anything like this!”

Frozen movie in the park

While attendance for the movies is typically around 250, the event planners expected this movie to attract 1,000 attendees. Surprise, surprise… Over 3,000 people came to enjoy the free movie on a beautiful summer evening. “We had no idea it would be this popular,” Krystal said. “It tripled the previous record!”

Being involved in the community by sponsoring a movie like Frozen is a great strategy for gaining name recognition. Serving free snow cones in branded glow-in-the-dark cups from ROBYN was pure genius. “We’ve done snow cones at events in the past and it’s always a hit, “ said Krystal. “When we cleaned up at the end of the night, we only found one cup left behind.” Now, that’s the sign of great swag!

Glow-in-the-dark cups

City National Bank also provided face painting for the kids and brought in two dance troupes to entertain the crowd before sunset. “Everything about this event was focused on families and people really appreciated it,” said Krystal.

The marketing team developed a multi-faceted  campaign to promote the event that included  flyers for students at all the local elementary schools to take home just days before school let out for summer, banners and flyers in the local bank branches and promotions on several different social media channels. Plus, they held a bicycle give-away contest with the winner being announced just before the movie started.

Not only did City National Bank earn a great deal of name recognition for sponsoring such a popular movie, but they also created thousands of family memories that will always be remembered… and their brand was a part of it.