Education… It’s in the Bag!

Education… It’s in the Bag!

Summer vacation is drawing to a close for kids across the country and while they were focused on the 3 S’s (sleeping, swimming and socializing), educators were busy getting educated. One of the premier events of this summer was the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly in Atlanta.

With over 3 million members in 14,000 communities, the NEA is the nation’s largest professional employee organization. You might recognize them most for the “Read Across America” campaign they started over 15 years ago.

 Read Across America

Of course, an organization this size is a great market for insurance companies and the smart marketers at American Fidelity Assurance Company have seized the opportunity. “We developed a custom supplemental insurance plan for the members of NEA,” said Carrie Voden, a marketing specialist for American Fidelity. “We offer educators and their families a variety of options including an income protection plan at a special group rate.”

Each year, representatives from American Fidelity attend the NEA’s annual Representative Assembly in the expo area. “We have provided tote bags to the educators the last five years,” said Carrie. “They are really popular!”

 branded tote bag

This is smart marketing for American Fidelity. According to a recent industry report, 87% of the recipients will remember the advertiser. And, who throws away a good tote bag? No one! That’s who.

The right market. The right event. The right promotional product. American Fidelity has definitely got this one in the bag! While we’re talking about them, though, check this out…

 company store

American Fidelity recently gave their company store a major upgrade. Not only does it feature a showcase of new items and closeouts on discontinued products, but it also gives users multiple ways to pay - purchase orders, credit cards and gift certificates (which are used for employee appreciation gifts!). One of the most useful options, however, is the ability to “localize” a product. Branch offices can purchase promotional items in bulk with their location’s information imprinted on them… at the lowest price available!

From scoring big points with a huge target market to making their employee’s lives easier with a dynamic company store, the folks at American Fidelity have been working hard the last couple of months. What did you do on your summer vacation?!