El Dia de los Premios

El Dia de los Premios

Sure, today is actually El Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead), but every organization enjoys the day they celebrate excellence from within their own ranks (which would be The Day of Awards or El Dia de los Premios). And, when the magnificence of the awards event mirrors the caliber of work being celebrated, the entire program is… simply brilliant. This is exactly what the Oklahoma City chapter of the Public Relations Society of America did with their 36th annual Upper Case Awards banquet.

Simply Brilliant lamps to celebrate the evening.

“The chapters that judge our entries are continuously amazed by the work that comes out of Oklahoma City,” said Tabbi Burwell, president of the chapter. “We have great people doing great things in communications here and it shows.”

To celebrate the high caliber work being done in Oklahoma City, the Upper Case Awards team took the entire program to another level. Stephanie Moore created the theme, “simply brilliant”, and every component was designed around that for consistency. The call for entries, invitations, programs, awards and all the digital communications maintained the same look and feel.

PRSA Upper Case Award

“This year’s Upper Case Awards program was different from years' past,” said Mindy Rule, co-chair. “The Devon Boathouse is a newer facility and a lot of people had not been there before. It helped give us a unique approach to the entire program.”

Guests enjoyed cocktails and a beautiful sunset over the Oklahoma River before sitting down to dinner on the first floor of the building. The actual awards ceremony was held upstairs on the second floor in a theatre style arrangement. “It was a different arrangement,” Mindy said, “but it worked really well and kind of gave the evening a ‘red carpet’ feel.”


The Upper Case co-chairs (Erika Huffman, Stephanie Moore, Jennifer Arlan and Mindy Rule) worked with the SwagExperts at ROBYN to design custom awards for the category winners and special awards presented to three honorees. “This is such a beautiful award,” said Sherry Kast, APR, recipient of the Paul E. Dannelley Harmony Award for her leadership in the chapter. “It’s really an honor to receive this recognition from my peers. I will treasure this always.”

 PRSA award

It’s important to recognize good work and the people who produce it. In fact, studies have indicated that companies that have a recognition program out perform those that don’t. While it is wonderful to be celebrated by one’s peers in an industry, it’s even more important to be honored within your own company. Maybe it’s time to talk to ROBYN about creating your own custom awards program