Enable your brand!

Enable your brand!

When OGE Energy Corp. and CenterPoint Energy, Inc. merged their midstream businesses in May, there was a lot of buzz about this new $11 billion company. Part of the reason was due to the fact that it didn’t have a name. Well, that changed on July 30th.

Enable Midstream Partners

Launching a new brand and introducing the new logo can be a tricky thing… especially when it involves over 1,800 employees at 100+ locations in six different states! “We wanted to make an impact and get people excited about the new name and mark,” said Kirby Behenna, Senior Brand Manager.

A conference call was scheduled for July 30th and employees from each location were invited to be a part of it. After some introductory remarks from the COO, Keith Mitchell, the team was shown a fantastic video that unveiled the company’s new name, logo and vision. Meet Enable Midstream Partners™, LP …

This was just the beginning, though. Working with ROBYN Promotions, the Enable Midstream branding team arranged to have tumblers featuring the new logo delivered to all 1800 employees at 140 different locations immediately following the conference call. How’s that for a cool introduction?

Branded Tumbler

This wasn’t the end of the internal launch, though. It gets better! Inside the branded tumblers was a card inviting each employee to visit the brand new online company store hosted by ROBYN to order a complimentary t-shirt sporting the new Enable Midstream logo. Now, THAT is how you create some energy!


“ROBYN shares the same focus we have on customer service,” said Kirby.

True. How does ROBYN put all the pieces together to launch a campaign like this and make it look effortless? Check out "the rest of the story"!