ROBYN Promotions works with smart marketers in many diverse industries. Each project we complete with our clients gives us the opportunity to perfect what we do and provides us with stories to share. Here are some of our favorite stories from the Energy Industry.

Launching a new brand and introducing the new logo can be a tricky thing…

Especially when it involves over 1,800 employees at 100+ locations in six different states! “We wanted to make an impact and get people excited about the new name and mark,” says Kirby Behenna, Senior Brand Manager of Enable Midstream Partners.

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How does your company celebrate major league achievements?

When a department or team overhauls a system, wins a huge contract or cuts significant costs. When they "knock the cover off the ball…" How do you recognize those all-stars? If you’re SandRidge Energy, you give ‘em a big stick with their names on it!

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Nomac is going all out to encourage and celebrate safety on their rigs. 

“Safety is more prominent than ever in our culture,” says Brad Minick, Operations Manager for Nomac Drilling, LLC.

“While it can save the company money, the main thing is that we care about our people. We want our guys to go home to their families.” And, Nomac is going all out to encourage and celebrate safety on their rigs.

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During football season, Chesapeake Energy is in the middle of the mayhem!

If it’s Labor Day Weekend, then you know it’s time for college football! Fans across the country will don their team colors and in Oklahoma, that means a sea of crimson and cream will crash into a wall of black and orange... and Chesapeake Energy is right in the middle of this mayhem.

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