What types of items can we manage through our company store?


Virtually any physical (or digital!) branded product: promotional items, logoed apparel, printed materials, sales campaigns, starter kits, stationery, collateral, signage, tradeshow materials and more! Digital items include downloadable forms, PowerPoints, and online ads. Most clients start with a small category (like promotional products and apparel) and grow their store as they progress. 


What types of branded merchandise can we choose from?


We built a custom site (Swag.Expert) perfect for browsing (and sharing with colleagues who are searching for merchandise), and if you don't want to spend time browsing, we have a special team of experts who guide you in the product selection process.


What if we only want apparel and promotional products on our store?


No problem! 


Can you get name brand merchandise?


Absolutely. Through our brands portal, you can peek at just some of the many brands we can provide for you.

Can we control who sees our product?

Absolutely 100%. You can even hide certain categories from certain users.

Do you warehouse and fulfill?


What do you guys do exactly?

We are a turnkey company store provider, which means we are: 1) the warehouse 2) the technology/ecommerce provider and 3) the product merchandiser. Simplicity, speed, and control.

Must we purchase inventory?

No. Some of our stores keep inventory in our warehouses, but inventory is not a necessity. In fact, some stores have no inventory at all!

Can you process credit cards through your company store?

Yes. We process all credit cards securely through VeriSign/Paypal.

Can you manage points and gift certificates through a corporate store?

Yes. Points and gift certificates are an excellent way to cultivate brand champions. Our platform makes it easy (and fun!) to do so.  

Where are you located?

Oklahoma City, a perfect central location to get your materials to both coasts as quickly (and cost-effectively) as possible.

How do you measure success?

We measure multiple metrics but some of the most important: customer satisfaction (your internal colleagues, stakeholders, and, of course, yours), error rates on shipments, ship times, and merchandising response times. We also use reporting metrics like usage on items as an important tool to determine success. 

Can you make the store match my website?

Yes. We can design your site to reflect your brand and your website.

Are your stores mobile friendly? 

Gorgeously so, here's an example

Do you help market our branded store?

Yes, we can email promotions to store users to introduce new items, to remind them of materials that are available or to let them know about seasonal products. It's an optional service. We also help without the intrusion of an email, by simply running promotions on your store.

Do you offer call and email support for your stores?

Absolutely. 100% private-labeled, too. We also use Zendesk to ensure your colleagues are handled with the greatest of care and expediency (which also gives you all the reporting data you need).

What's the best advice you can give me as I set up my store?

Read our Company Store Planning Guide. Better yet, schedule a quick 15-minute (pressure-free!) review of what other companies are doing with their stores. Viewing live examples will give you more ideas than listening to a sales pitch! 

What's the easiest way to communicate to other colleagues at my organization that a company store might be a necessary for us?

Review our video and pass it along to your colleagues.

I don't need to talk to anyone yet, is there anywhere else I can get more information?

Yes. Here are a few of our recent client stories with brands that have a company store: