Finding the right company store partner

Finding the right company store partner

When searching for a branded merchandise store solution (a way for you to efficiently manage your promotional products, marketing collateral, tradeshow materials, etc.), a wide range of options and features are presented from different suppliers. Having been in the business of providing customized company store solutions for over 20 years, ROBYN Promotions is wise to some of the marketing ploys out there… and we want to share some insights with you.

The “Zero Inventory” Store

Some branded e-store providers advertise an e-commerce solution with “zero inventory”. While the idea of not tying up money in inventory may be appealing, there is much more to this story, so be sure to dig deeper.

Often times, these suppliers have purchased large quantities of specific products from China, and these are the products to which you are limited. The problem arises when you want a specific product, not one that is offered. Too bad. With this this option, “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!”

For smart, creative marketers, this is not a viable option. There is no flexibility to respond to market demands or initiate new, innovative campaigns. You are contractually stuck with the products the supplier has in stock (the same stock they are selling to your competitor!).

The “No Cost” Store

There are a few branded merchandise store providers who promote a “no cost” company store solution. Of course, savvy business people know there is always a cost involved when a service is provided. Why be sneaky and try to hide this fact?

Usually, the “no cost” aspect of these stores relates to building the e-commerce website (which is a basic, no frills store) and monthly maintenance. In order to have them host the store, however, companies are required to buy specified amounts of inventory.

Now, who knows better than you how much of any given product you want to keep in stock? Who knows better than you when one promotional product needs to be phased out because you have another campaign rolling out? With this option, companies are often times stuck paying for thousands of items they did not want and will not use simply because they are under contract to do so.

The ROBYN Company Store Solution

We realized years ago that each company has specific needs and pain points to address for their business and there isn’t a “one size fits all” solution. This is why we offer a variety of types of stores, from very basic to technologically advanced, with options ranging from on-demand to completely inventoried, plus a hybrid store that benefits from the best of both ends of the spectrum.

With an experienced team of merchandise experts, award-winning creatives and web-savvy developers, ROBYN provides more than a storefront for companies to showcase their swag. ROBYN provides an effective way for smart marketers to effortlessly manage every aspect of their physical marketing materials. Inventory, Warehousing, Shipping, Tracking, Reporting… Completely turnkey.

ROBYN is not the right solution for every company. We know that. However, we want to help every company find the right partner for their needs. That’s just good business!