Free Toffee! Now, THAT'S Gratitude!

Free Toffee! Now, THAT'S Gratitude!

The holiday season is the perfect time to show your clients how much you appreciate their business. Without customers, you would not be in business. That’s how important they are… The lifeblood for your organization. However, not all customers are created equally.

Santa: The Orginial Swag Expert!

The SwagExpert's Tip #3 for Business Gift Giving

When it comes to gifting your clients, one size does not fit all. The 80/20 Rule is easy to recognize in your business, so it’s important to gift your VIPs in a way that lets them know they are the cornerstones of your business. An assortment of branded gifts makes it easier for your team to ensure each customer feels special (i.e. - a Trailblazer Excursion Set for the outdoors men, a Brookstone automatic wine opener for the entertainer or an Appalachian Sherpa Blanket for cuddling up on a cold wintery night).

The SwagExperts at ROBYN strive to Surprise & Delight our clients throughout the year, however, the holidays provide an extra opportunity to shine. For us, these relationships are about more than just a financial transaction. These customers have entrusted us as their marketing partner and we want to express our gratitude. The last few years, we have given our clients access to the ROBYN VIP store to choose a gift they would like. The selections reflect the amount of business we do with them.

As an additional gesture of our gratitude, we send the famous ROBYN Tower of toffee, chocolate covered almonds and all kinds of wonderful treats. Beautiful and delicious, the tower has become a Thanksgiving tradition our largest clients look forward to enjoying each year.

The Swagalicious Tower

For Week 3 of #Swag4all, we want to share one of these Swagalicious Towers with you! It's easy to win. Like us on Facebook, Tweet it out, share it on LinkedIn, pin it on Pinterest, make a YouTube video about the contest... Just use #Swag4all to spread the word. We’ll draw a winner after Thanksgiving on Monday, December 2nd. It could be you!

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