Get Accounting Behind Your Online Company Store

Get Accounting Behind Your Online Company Store

As you evaluate potential company store suppliers, be sure to find out if they can help the numbers guys with their reports. The more buy-in you get from your internal team, the better your results will be.

When we talk with potential online company store clients, their focus is usually on managing marketing collateral, printed materials, promotional products, etc. to serve their sales and marketing folks. Granted, a company store is an exceptional tool for that purpose, but before you jump into a program, we suggest you get your Accounting Department involved.

Why accounting? With the ROBYN Company Store Solution, we offer a variety of standard and customizable reports that not only track usage and orders, but can be designed to match and/or flow into your current accounting system. Many companies offer standard web reports showing you that 500 XYZ Pens were ordered last month. More sophisticated systems might even sort the orders by location.

ROBYN’s standard reports show who ordered what; when it was ordered; where it was shipped; how it was paid for; who approved it… And virtually anything else you would like to know about the order. Plus, the reports can be designed to flow seamlessly into your accounting software for tracking marketing expenses.

ROBYN Company Store Report

And, while we will run these reports on a regular basis (monthly/quarterly/annually) and send them to our clients, they also have the ability to run these reports themselves as well for real-time answers. Pretty cool, huh?

Merch Program reports

Make sure your entire team is well served by your new online company store… And they will make your store a success.

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