Get Your Thinking Cap On, Pardner!

Get Your Thinking Cap On, Pardner!

Each August, the Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association kicks off its fiscal year with a new president, renewed energy from the summer siesta and a new theme to carry them through the next 11 months. This year, the board wants to help their members become “smarter marketers”… aka Smarketers!

“Smarketing relates to everyone who is linked to AMAOKC,” says Kevin Jessop, president of the chapter and CEO of Evolve Research. “For our meeting attendees, this means empowering them with top-notch, informative programming. For our members, it’s providing access to seriously cool resources on a national level. And, for our sponsors, it’s about connecting their brands with truly smart marketers. Our board isn’t going to stop until everyone is a Smarketer!”

Of course, introducing a new theme is never easy. “This audience knows the difference between good and bad marketing,” said Kevin. “We were under pressure to launch this theme in a way that would resonate with our market. Fortunately, we have companies like ROBYN to lean on for solutions with sound marketing rationale.”

What’s the one thing that a truly “smart marketer” needs to come up with brilliant ideas? A “thinking cap”, of course! And, given that this is Oklahoma City (home of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum), what could be better than a branded cowboy hat as a thinking cap?!


The first 50 attendees through the door were each given a “Smarketer Thinking Cap” in addition to cool AMAOKC t-shirts and great swag provided by Becca Colbaugh with JESS3 (who rocked the meeting, BTW!). Plus, several hats filled with all kinds of goodies were given out as door prizes. It was a great way to kick off the year of the Smarketer for AMAOKC.

Here’s where this gets really fun. How would you like to win one of these awesome “Smarketer Thinking Caps” filled with all kinds of cool stuff? Just click the link below, fill out the short form and you’re in the drawing. Even if you don’t get the hat, there’s other cool stuff… And everyone is a winner with ROBYN! The drawing will be held Monday, August 13th...

Smarketer Contest

I Want To Be A Smarketer!



Thanks for all the submissions! Wow!!! This was certainly a popular idea. You can be sure there will be Smarketer talk in the near future!