Getting Noticed Is a Piece of Cake

Getting Noticed Is a Piece of Cake

Want to attract attention at your next tradeshow? The recipe is simple… Provide a tasty treat and back it up with branded materials that compliment your theme so your audience remembers you!

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“People are really in to food!” exclaimed Sandy Hagen, owner of the Express Employment Professionals’ franchises in Mt. Vernon and Bellingham, WA. “We love the Starbuck’s cake pops. We wanted to serve them because we knew everyone would love them and come to our booth.” These smart marketers didn’t stop there, though.

“We started with the theme ‘Success with Express is a piece of cake!’ and it took off from there! Stress relievers shaped like pieces of cake, plus pens and notepads with color artwork,” said Sandy. “The bags with the beautiful matching imprint were the most popular, though.” Each one was skillfully folded to fit into the clear plastic cupcake holders… with a faux strawberry garnish, of course. “It took some practice to get those right,” Sandy laughed.

Schmoozefest is an annual event hosted by the Economic Development Association of Skagit County in the northern part of Washington to encourage networking between local businesses. “It’s the biggest event of the year for us because we get to meet business owners from all over the county. Our goal is to schmooze with everybody,” said Sandy. “And, we try to top ourselves each year, which is going to be even harder next year. People are still talking about the year’s booth!”

Tradeshow success is measured by the number of contacts you make, but even more importantly by the number of people who remember you. Developing a theme and providing creative give-away items to reinforce your brand and the experience ensure a spot in your prospects’ minds (and stomachs, in this case).

We would love to help you whip up your own recipe for success!