Giving Gifts with SWAG!

Giving Gifts with SWAG!

Iconic brands. We can’t help but have a favorite or two. For the golfer, it might be Ping… for the techie it could be Sony… the fashionista loves Oakley shades. These brands stand out in their respective categories because they are durable or sophisticated or cool… just like you.

Santa: The Original Swag Expert

The SwagExpert's Tip #6 for Business Gift Giving

When you give a client a gift from a respected brand, you make a great impression. And when you co-brand with one of these brands, you are remembered, which is one of the key ingredients in business gift giving.

Pairing your brand with another reputable brand is an incredibly smart way to market yourself, which is why the SwagExperts at ROBYN have created a category on the SwagExpert.com website devoted to these types of brands. From adidas to Wenger, we feature thousands of products from top-notch manufacturers that you can associate with your brand.

Not only does this reflect well on you, but the recipient will truly appreciate the gift… and use it. A nice Nike Dri-FIT sport shirt won’t be handed off to the kids! The recipient will wear it proudly, and you will be there with them.

Brands with SWAG!

For the 6th (and final!) Week of #Swag4all, the SwagExperts at ROBYN want to give you an extra special treat! Check out this beautiful Guess “Love” bag. Roomie enough to be an overnight bag, it features padded pockets for a laptop, iPad, phone, etc. Plus, the SwagExpert logo on the address tag ensures prompt VIP service wherever you go!

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