Helping Your Brand Evolve

Helping Your Brand Evolve

When you think of market research, do you picture a hot conference room with a sweaty focus group discussing the merits of Brand X’s new bubble gum? Or worse, do you envision a jumbo-sized 3-ring binder stuffed with reams of data just waiting to fill your brain with insights gleaned during the sauna sessions? Well, snap out of it! Enough of Uncle Herb’s antiquated data presentation model. It’s time for a change!

 Branded Color-Changing Cup

“Marketing research can be boring and overwhelming if it’s not presented properly,” says Kevin Jessop, CEO at Evolve Research. “We tell stories to bring the data to life. It’s important, though, to make sure we don’t overwhelm our clients with words and numbers, so we spend a significant amount of time with data visualization, using graphs and charts to tell our stories.”

The savvy marketers at Evolve recently had the opportunity to showcase their mad skills to clients and prospects as the sponsor of the monthly AMAOKC luncheon. They cleverly planned an Open House party to celebrate their new office in Automobile Alley for the same day as the luncheon. After asking their invited guests to answer a short online survey about what types of food, drinks and music they would like to enjoy at the party, Kevin was ready to present the findings to the audience at the luncheon… and invite them to join in the festivities that afternoon!

A lot has changed for Evolve Research in the last year. They have rebranded themselves, expanded the team and moved into a great new location. “We’re not simply data collectors, or a call center or focus group moderators,” said Kevin. “We’re creative professional marketers who have an expertise in marketing research. Our clients want to deal with experts and the new space speaks to our brand values.”

Working with so many agencies across the southwest, adopting the agency model has been a natural “evolution” for the brand. “We’re a creative company, we’re fans of technology and we like to challenge the norm,” said Kevin. “It’s one thing to say that’s what we do, but it’s another thing to invite people into a space where they can see it for themselves. This office ties it all together for us.”

It was important for people to carry the cool brand beyond the walls of the new office, though. “We have invested a lot into re-branding ourselves and we want to maintain the perception of who Evolve is. That’s why we worked with ROBYN to come up with premium swag to give our guests.”

 Branded shirts and cups

From awesome, color-changing cups to stylish, fitted t-shirts emblazoned with the new logo and tagline (bark up the right tree), the gifts were wildly popular… and the open house party was a hit. “We do a lot of branding research,” said Kevin, “and we knew that a new logo was simply not enough. You have to do it all to be truly successful.”