Hey, Buddy! Can you back me up?

Hey, Buddy! Can you back me up?

Branded USB Drive

This might just be the friendliest name for a product in recent history. Who wouldn’t want a BackupBuddy? But… What, exactly, is it?!

BackupBuddy is one of the star products created by iThemes, a leader in the rapidly expanding world of WordPress blog designs and software solutions.

In a nutshell, BackupBuddy is an easy way to back up an entire website. Whether the user wants to restore it, move it to a new host or just make sure that nothing is ever lost, this is the way to do it.
The thing is, Backup Buddy is purely web-based. There is no physical object for customers to touch and feel. The product is simply a software add-on. Enter the BackupBuddy custom usb drive.
BackupBuddy custom usb drive
“We love promotional items that work for our fans,” said Cory Miller, owner of the Oklahoma City-based iThemes. “This usb drive gives us something tangible to give to selected customers.”
Another star product for iThemes is a software package called Builder, which helps individuals build incredible websites without knowing how to code. The logo for Builder is, understandably, a hardhat.

Cory recalls, “We were going to a conference and needed something really cool for the swag bags. ROBYN presented us with a hardhat stress reliever, which was a perfect fit for the product because Builder relieves the stress of building websites without knowing code!”

“These items have helped to build our brand… to get fans for iThemes,” Cory said. “We love working with Bobby and the entire ROBYN team. They are very responsive, great communicators and have become a wonderful partner in our success.”

Those are big words for us to hear (and completely unsolicited!). When a company grows from one guy working from his home to a 20+ person team in three years, one can be certain that these guys know what success is all about!

And now, iThemes is launching a non-profit foundation to help train the next generation of web developers. Click here to learn more!