Holiday BONUS Time!

Holiday BONUS Time!

After working hard all year, everyone loves to get that big, fat bonus check during the holidays. Whether it’s used for gifts, a ski trip or to just to pay off bills, cash in the bank is always appreciated. Here's how to make that money even more memorable!

Santa: The Original Swag Expert

The SwagExpert's Tip #2 for Business Gift Giving: 

When giving employees their holiday bonus, put the check inside a cool branded item like a padfolio or a mini tote bag or even an insulated food jar. Long after the money is spent, the sweet swag reminds them of your generosity!

When you receive a gift from the SwagExperts at ROBYN, you can be sure there are extra goodies inside. For our second week of the #Swag4all giveaway, we are sharing this awesome Kenneth Cole canvas messenger bag. Tough and stylish…

This bag ROCKS!

Branded Messenger Bag

And, it's easy to win! Like us on Facebook, Tweet it out, share it on LinkedIn, pin it on Pinterest, make a YouTube video about the contest... Just use #Swag4all to spread the word! We’ll draw a winner on Thursday, November 21st. It could be you!