Image. It's money in the bank.

Image. It's money in the bank.

Evolving your brand as your business grows is a challenge every company hopes to face, and City National Bank is embracing this opportunity to enhance their corporate identity. “One of our strategic initiatives is to make our brand more professional,” said De Roin Motah, Director of Marketing. “We have established ourselves well in the consumer market, but to grow the business market, we need to meet those customer’s expectations of how a bank looks.”

City National padfolios

With over 35 branches scattered across the state of Oklahoma and three new branches that opened last month in Kansas, City National has a lot of momentum behind them. “We are always looking for opportunities to grow,” said De Roin.

Last month, the bank held its annual training day at the corporate headquarters in Lawton, OK. Over 120 bank officers met on a Saturday to review the previous year’s numbers, discuss the bank’s forecast and learn more about new industry regulations. And, it was an opportunity for the marketing department to give these leaders some new company swag.

“In the past, we’ve given out a variety of fun items, such as stress balls shaped like buffalo,” said De Roin, “but this year we wanted to reinforce our professional image initiative, so we stepped it up a bit.” 

This year, City National worked with ROBYN to provide each of the bank officers with a stylish zippered padfolio featuring the company’s logo debossed on the cover. “The response has been tremendous,” says De Roin. “Our employees love our brand a really appreciated receiving such a useful item from us.” 

“The sleek black padfolios are just the right size to take to a meeting or slip inside a purse,” said De Roin. “Plus, it gives our officers a uniform look when they go together to meet with a potential customer.” 

While City National Bank has every intention to stay true to its motto “Where relationships begin and customer service never ends”, it’s exciting to see how they are taking their brand to the next level… and paying attention to the details along the way.