Jingling Into 2012

Jingling Into 2012

candycane mailer
What a fun, crazy ride 2011 has been for ROBYN Promotions. We have been fortunate enough to work with many wonderful companies across the United States and Canada to create promotional products, campaigns and company stores that meet every expectation. And, we have enjoyed sharing some of their fantastic success stories here for you.

The photo above, for instance, is from a direct mail campaign we put together for the Oklahoma City chapter of the American Marketing Association's annual Freezin' Season Jingle Mingle. There is so much more to the story, though! While ROBYN came up with the candy cane mailing tubes, did the creative work on the card inside, sourced thousands of jingle bells (in various colors and sizes!), assembled the entire project and mailed over 600 of them to arrive exactly one week before the event, that's just the beginning of this story.

The real story is how over a hundred marketers, public relations professionals, communicators and advertisers all got together to share the holiday spirit with each other while raising money and awareness for the OK Kids Korral that is being built in Oklahoma City. This was the magic that made everyone's efforts worthwhile.

So... Was the campaign successful?

Not only did the event raise over $3500 for the OK Kids Korral, some of the most connected people in OKC were exposed to this fantastic cause for the first time. And, it was no coincidence that several local media stories were aired the very same week! Yeah... That's definitely a win for everyone.

Plus, there was a wonderful time had by all. Just take a look at these pictures from the event! All of this was made possible by the generous businesses who donated raffle items, services and money. ROBYN Promotions is proud to be associated with each and every one of them.

This was a tremendous way for us to wrap up a dynamite year and makes us more optimistic than ever for the year ahead. We wish you health and happiness in 2012 and hope you find a little extra jingle in your pocket, too.

Happy New Year!